SARVAM METAL TECH LLP is a company that develops, manufactures and supplies parts such as engine valve, valve train components, rocker arm assembly, cam shafts and injector sleeves of I.C. engine for leading aftermarket companies around the world.

Our objective is to be preferred one-stop source of automotive components from India, and give our customers the advantage of both our experience and knowledge


In an internal combustion engine (ice), valves play a vital role in the satisfactory performance of any engine. Intet and exhaust valves need to be of high quality as they are exposed to different thermal and corrosive loads.

That’s why, at SARVAM METAL TECH LLP we use special martensitic steel, austenitic steel and super alloys – inconel steel, nimonic steel to produce valves that not only ensure high performance but conform to engine manufacturer’s standards.

SARVAM METAL TECH LLP I.C. engine valves meet international value standards and come with a promise of trouble-free valve performance.

Valve Guide

SARVAM METAL TECH LLP offers range of valve guides for gasoline and diesel engine & natural gas engine consists of a wide variety of sizes & configurations. All valve guides are manufactured from quality materials such as cast iron, sintered steel & with special features and treatments like nitrided / phosphated finish, semi & fully finished and super finished bore and threaded and palin bore.

Our valve guides pass stringent quality checks including geometric parameters like concentricity and material specs like hardness.

Cam Followers / Valve Tappets / Lifters

Valve tappets / lifters made of chilled cast iron or cold forgings are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and to have the ideal metallugy blend Valve tappets / lifters, a component of the valve train, use push rod to transmit the motion of the camshaft to the rocker arms.

We ensure the proper hardness and fine quality with carefully engineered key dimensions.

Valve Spring Retainers (Valve Cups)

SARVAM METAL TECH LLP provides CNC machined valve spring retainers manufactured from (made of) steel and alloys with a high strength & high level (degree of) hardness. All of our valve spring retainers are finished to exact tolerances with outstanding cleanliness, extreme tensile strength, zero wear, and light weight designs. They are all intended to add strength. The valve seals from SARVAM METAL TECH LLP are all carefully inspected to maintain high quality.

Valve Collets

A wide range of qualitative engine valve collet is included in our product range. These valve collets can be alailed in bulk and are customized to the customers’ needs and requirements.

The intake and exhaust valves of an engine are held in place by a pair of valve collets. Valve collets make sure that the engine valve is always held in proper position by the valve spring. Valve collets can be found in a wide range of single, centre and multi-bead content designs because they are precisely stamped using a variety of contemporary high speed equipment.

Additionally, the offered engine valve collet is thoroughly examined by our experienced quality analysts, who only approve it if they find no defects, guaranteeing its flawlessness at the client’s end.

Valve Seat

A valve seat is a critical component of an engine. SARVAM METAL TECH LLP manufactures high-quality valve seats using a unique combination of wear-resistant and high thermal conductivity materials, as well as near net shape geometry. In order to withstand high temperatures, stress and corrosive gases & compounds, it is critical to select proper material for valve seat manufacturing based on application.

Push Rod

Push Rods are highly stressed components in an engine that require proper manufacturing. Push rod are classified into two types – forged and tubular. SARVAM METAL TECH LLP manufactures high-quality forged push rods on electrical upsetting machines and hydraulic presses. They are then hardened induction on both ends. Tubular push rods are made by projection welding the cup end on one side and the ball end on the other. Steel rods and other materials are used to make push rods.

Straightness is an important geometric feature of the push rod because even the smallest natural bend in it can be exaggerated under operating conditions, causing it to fracture and cause catastrophic engine damage.

Rocker Arm

The Rocker Arm is an important component of the valve train that transfers motion to the intake & exhaust valves. Our high-quality Rocker Arms are forged and investment cast from carbon steels, case hardening steels or as specified. Rocker Arm with chilled surface profiles are also available.

The correct hardness & heat treatment cycle, combined with precisely machined parameters, ensure trouble-free performance.

Rocket Arm Shaft

Our skilled employees are well experienced and technically qualified to produce highest quality rocker arm shaft as per customer’s requirements, and we take great pride in them.

Rocker Arm Shaft are made using the best material and latest technology under the knowledge of skillful professionals.

The Rocker Arm Shaft has several critical tolerances that require very tight dimension, as a result, rocker arm shaft is properly tested by quality controllers on numerous stages prior to delivery.

Rocket Arm Screws

SARVAM METAL TECH LLP able to offer completely material – compliant cold forged and hot forged rocker arm screw / special alloy rocker arm screw.

The Rocker Arm Screw / special alloy Rocker Arm Screw is available in both metric and imperial inch size with coarse, fine, unc, unf, un, bsw, acme threads with continuous thread, full thread, half thread, tap end thread, double end thread, and custom end thread configuration.

Cam Shafts

SARVAM METAL TECH LLP high-end automotive Cam Shafts are in high demand due to their powerful performance. SARVAM METAL TECH LLP produces camshafts suited for a range of engine.

SARVAM METAL TECH LLP camshafts are manufactured using a variety of materials, including malleable iron, s.g. iron, chrome steel, etc & are put through forging, chilled casting & metal bar processes.

Injector Sleeve / Tube

We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of an extensive array of injector sleeves. The offered products are made using quality checked raw materials under the strict supervision of knowledgeable and experienced quality controllers. According to customer drawings or samples, SARVAM METAL TECH LLP can develop any kind of injection sleeves. Those are created specifically by our experts to roll injection sleeves into the heads of different engines. We also manufacture Injector Tube.

Due to qualities like these, our clients highly praise our products:

  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Dimensional precision
  • Rust-resistance

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